Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The runner's insatiable appetite (or, why I may not survive the next 13 hours)

Things I have consumed today:
1 cup of coffee
2 Van's Light Waffles, toasted, topped with bananas, strawberries & maple syrup
1 hard boiled egg
1 Luna mini
1 homemade buffalo chicken wrap
handful of almonds
1 cup of green tea
another Luna mini
low fat cheese & crackers
steak, roasted fingerling potatoes and spinach
lots and lots of water

And this was a good day.  As I may have mentioned before, once I get up to about 7 or 8 miles in my training, I get ravenous.  All the time.  I'm like a scavenger, rooting around in the back of the fridge with a flashlight, clawing my way past the milk and the condiments to get my hands on any morsel of food that I can safely consume.  Wait - are olives considered condiments?  I hope not, because I have been known to chow down on those salty little suckers in a state of desperation.  I Just. Can't. Get. Enough.

The good news is, 98% of the food in our pantry and fridge is healthy, so I can't dive headfirst into a bag of chips.  Though trust me, I've dreamed about it.  Mmmmm...sour cream and onion....oh, sorry.  And the 2% that's not exactly on the food pyramid are foods I wouldn't want to consume anyway, like Finding Nemo fruit snacks and some weird, questionable ethnic something-or-others that the husband stores on the very top shelf.

The bad news is, it just occurred to me that due to a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning at 9:15, I can't eat ANYTHING after midnight tonight, meaning no breakfast.  Holy mother of Chobani, I'm gonna starve.  Wither away.  I may actually faint on the way to the doctor's office, which would be quite convenient, because the good EMS folks could just wheel me there and dump me off, and there'd be no more need for a physical since upon first sight of my limp body, the diagnosis would be "CRAZY COMPULSIVE EATER/RUNNER".  Why, FORTHELOVEOFGOD, did I schedule a physical for a week and half before a half marathon?!  I must've been out of my mind!!!

That being said, as I wipe the beads of nervous sweat from my brow (oh crap, are those precious electrolytes leaving my body?  Must replenish!) this should, fingers crossed, be the best darn physical I've ever had because, at the ripe old age of - wait, you don't really expect me to divulge that, do you? - I'm probably in the best physical shape of my life.  GO, ME!  Now, on to packing a lunch bag (duffel bag, maybe?) of post-bloodwork snacks that I can nom nom nom on the minute the nurse pulls the needle out of my vein.  PB & honey, anyone?

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