Monday, February 13, 2012

A night of music - just what the shrink ordered

I haven't watched a Grammy Award show from beginning to end in oh, probably 6 years, despite the fact that I used to watch them religiously.  Somehow, life and other priorities have gotten in the way, not to mention I'm not always the biggest fan of mainstream music these days.  But tonight, I had a hankering to watch it because I've also had a hankering to talk music with somebody this week.  Nothing in particular...just in need of one of those conversations that could go on and on until you realize it's 4am and you haven't slept because you've been discussing Doors lyrics all night long.  So, I was giddy to discover that tonight, while I watched the Grammys, I could have a seemingly live conversation about them and about music with many of my friends via Facebook.  I know, I know, I'm somewhat addicted, but hey - at times like this when you are just DYING to discuss your favorite topic in the entire world and you have a captive and engaged audience in the palm of your hand, literally, is it really such a bad thing?  I think it's pretty darn cool.

Music is the one thing that to me, is universal.  It's not so much the lyrics or the language in which a song is sung that's important, rather it's how that song makes you FEEL.  I'd be willing to bet that Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" would strike a chord with someone who couldn't even understand the lyrics, because of the fierce amount of passion behind it - do you agree?  I have always, for as long as I can remember, been passionate about music, almost to a fault.  It gets me past the past and helps me look to the future, and keeps me grounded in the present.  I always, ALWAYS have a song going through my head.  Even when I'm not entirely conscious of it, music is always there.  And there's nothing I love more than having a long, heartfelt conversation with somebody about it - it's cathartic and inspiring to me all at the same time. 

I used to dream of working with bands, be it as a publicist or a manager, or a rock journalist ala Cameron Crowe.  I don't think those dreams will ever come to fruition, but in the meantime I can be a lover and a student of the music.  Artists, bands, songwriters - please give me more, teach me more.  I need your talent to survive and stay sane and whole and grounded in this crazy world.  Sometimes that means that I need your music to escape.  So keep bringin' it.

This evening has been so fun for me, to connect with friends over music.  So the next time a song strikes your fancy or you're listening to your favorite band from way back and the memories come flooding in, email me, text me, or give me a call.  Let's talk about it.  Because music will forever be woven into the tapestry of my soul.

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